Keri Flex

What is Keryflex for Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Whether you’re dealing with a damaged or malformed nail as a result of an injury or because of fungus, Dr. Warren Levy at Armitage Podiatry Center understands just how unsightly and embarrassing it can be to have thick, split or even partially removed nails. Whether you want to feel comfortable wearing flip flops all summer long or you just want to feel confident walking around without shoes and socks all the time, KeryFlex treatment can provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for.

KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a painless procedure that is performed right here in our office. The treatment is designed to improve the overall appearance of your nails by remodeling the nail. This involves a few different steps. The first step is to remove as much of the damaged nail as possible. In order to be an ideal candidate for this treatment, there needs to be at least 15 percent healthy nail still left.

Next, a bonding solution is painted over the nail. This solution will help the composite resin stick to the nail and also speed up the curing process once the resin is hardened into place with a special light. The light coat of bonding will take a couple of minutes to dry. Once the solution is completely dry our podiatrist will apply the composite resin with a special brush. The resin will be shaped and contoured to look just like a real toenail. The resin is designed to only stick to the nail and not the skin around it.

Once the resin has been properly shaped we will direct a UV light over the nail to harden the resin to the nail. Once the resin is hardened we will determine whether we need to apply another coat of resin to the nail. Each layer will require additional curing. Once you are satisfied with the results we will wipe the nail with alcohol. In some instances, you may choose to paint your toenail to match the rest of your nails right after this treatment.

Most healthy individuals who are dealing with deformed nails as a result of a fungal infection may benefit from the KeryFlex system.

If a fungal infection has caused visible damage to your toenails then you may benefit from KeryFlex treatment. Call Armitage Podiatry Center today at (312) 266-6326 to learn more.

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