Have Corns? We Can Help
By Lincoln Park Foot Doctor
January 21, 2019
Category: Foot Conditions
Tags: Corns  

Caused by friction and pressure, corns are thick areas of skin that form on the toes. Although your body actually forms them to protect your skin, corns can be annoying, unsightly, and even painful. Armitage Podiatry Center, located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, offers treatments for corns. Dr. Warren Levy heads Armitage, and he is one of the finest podiatrists in the Lincoln Park area—read on to find out Smooth Healthy Legshow he can help you with your corns!

1. Salicylic Acid- We may apply patches containing salicylic acid to treat your corns. These patches are used to soften the upper layer of dead skin so it can be easily removed. We can also give you a prescription for salicylic acid in gel form to apply on larger areas.

2. Apply a Bandage- Bandages, felt pads, or gauze pads secured with hypoallergenic tape help protect the skin and prevent infection. This provides optimum cushioning from rubbing and pressure, reducing your pain and speeding up the healing process.

3. Shoe Inserts- Custom-made orthotic devices, or shoe inserts, reduce your pain and prevent recurring corns. Orthotic devices provide cushioning and arch support, allowing you to stay on your feet longer. They also divert pressure away from the problem areas.

4. Debridement- We can pare down thickened skin a scalpel during an office visit. Don't try to cut corns yourself because it could lead to an infection. After the corns have been removed, they will not likely recur if you continue to wear shoes that fit properly.

5. Antibiotics- We may also prescribe antibiotics for any corns that have become infected, a case in which bacteria can spread through your bloodstream and cause infection in one or more joints. You could experience severe pain, redness, and inflammation in the joint and have difficulty moving it.

Don't let corns knock you off your feet. Call Armitage Podiatry Center at (312) 266-6326 right now to schedule a consultation in Lincoln Park. We will help you get rid of the corns on your feet once and for all!