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What Are Plantar Warts?

That weird bump you found at the sole of your foot might be a plantar wart. This type of wart usually strike the feet’s soles and may form in bunches or alone. They could likewise be very painful. See your podiatrist Dr. Warren Levy here at Armitage Podiatry Center in Lincoln Park, Chicago IL if you suspect that you have plantar warts, to receive an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

What Exactly are Plantar Warts?

Caused by the HPV or human papillomavirus, plantar warts enters your body via minute cracks in the soles of your feet. They are firm and flat to the touch and contain black tiny dots. They are likewise yellowish, brownish, or grayish and typically look like calluses, which are rough dead skin patches. In some individuals, plantar warts could be immensely painful, particularly when applying pressure to them or walking. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your Lincoln Park plantar warts specialist right away.

Plantar warts could take any shape; however, they typically look like a cauliflower that has black specks throughout. Likewise, while they often appear on the heel or ball of the feet, they could form anywhere on the feet’s soles. Also, you can have only one plantar wart on the foot or in bunches, which are also called mosaic warts.

What are The Risk Factors for Plantar Warts?

Although anyone could get plantar warts, younger kids and teens are particularly susceptible to them. The reason for this is that adults usually build immunity to them with age. Locker rooms, baths, public showers, and swimming pools are high-risk areas where people can contract the virus responsible for causing plantar warts. The other risk factors include the following:

  • Walking barefoot in dirty or damp and warm surfaces
  • Touching the foot of someone with plantar warts

How are Plantar Warts in Lincoln Park Diagnosed and Treated?

Even if you are uncertain whether or not that strange formation in the sole of your foot is a plantar wart, see your podiatrist in Lincoln Park IL for diagnosis. Treatment options for plantar warts include topical medicines and surgical intervention. The treatment your podiatrist will recommend will depend on how long you’ve had the wart, and if they’re recurring, along with your other symptoms.

It’s likewise crucial to note that most cases of plantar warts are hard to treat and that most of them recur. This means that for some individuals, surgical removal might be required.

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